About Frederic

FREDERIC BERNARD is a 1988 born, classically trained music composer, arranger/orchestrator and pianist based in Germany. The emphasis of his work lies in providing excellent quality music for television, films, video games and web-based projects.

He writes music for several A++ Libraries (most of them located in Los Angeles); such as “Music Junkies”, “Montage Mx”, “Score-A-Score”, and just recently joined one of the Industrie’s biggest players: “Megatrax“, by invitation of Grammy Nominee Derek Jones.

Recent credits of his work include major brands, like: Sony, Intel, LG, Canon, Doritos, Sixt, AXA, Time Inc., Discovery Channel, BBC, National Geographic, NBC Sports. Additionally, countless viral Youtube/Online projects; like collaborations with Rudy Mancuso (+20 Mil. YT views), or with K-Pop Star Cho Kyuhyun (2017 Japan Tour), and a wide range of other reputable projects, with companies and clients all around the globe! Frederic’s portfolio spans a wide range; from Disneyesque Live Orchestra Magic (see recordings with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra), to highly, Emotionally-sensual Piano Music, up to Smoking-hot, Vintage Smooth Jazz – and almost anything in between!


Before his professional ventures, he was classically trained at the piano from a young age on. In his juvenile years he became extremely interested in Film-, Videogame- and Classical Music, and began extensively studying scores and their magic behind. In the age of 22 he enrolled for a Bachelor‘s degree in classical music at the University of Music, Freiburg, where he studied under Prof. Eckehard Kiem (a former student of the Avantgarde composer Prof. Brian Ferneyhough), Prof. Hans Aerts, and many other music professors and luminals. Further, he received praises and positive critiques for his original music works, arrangements and orchestrations – by such industry legends as Bruce Broughton, Jeff FaymanBrad Marrapodi and many others, as can be checked out below.

What others say:

“I am very impressed…your orchestrations are outstanding. You use the entire orchestra very well, with all of its coloristic possibilities!” – Andrew Kinney (Orchestrator for “Interstellar”, “Pixels”, “Sausage Party”, “Baymax”, “Rio”)

“…everyone [within our team] loved your cue and were blown away by the writing.” – Brad Marropodi (X-Ray-Dog, BMG)

“…we were very impressed with the professional presentation from your reel ~ Bravo!” – Jeff Fayman (Immediate Music)

“…let me compliment you on your music – sounds fantastic! You’ve obviously got some great talent!”– Jeff MacDonald (Louder Production Music)

“…[your music] sounds absolutely fantastic. Great job!” – Guillermo De La Barreda (Dos Brains)

“…[Spaghetti Con Brio is] an excellent, classicaly inspired composition.” – Gerhard Narholz (Sonoton, Memento)