Services for Orchestration, Compositon, Transcriptions etc.:

If you should be interested in working with Frederic, just send a mail here, orchestration services
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At this time his services include:

-custom composition
-composition feedback, orchestration advice, proof-reading, layout optimization
-“from midi/mockup to full orchestra score” -service
-“from mp3 to full orchestra score” -transcription-service*
-remote piano recording online sessions

*basically possible for any ensemble size, from simple piano solo, up to large orchestra scores.


The rates Frederic charges for above services are mainly depending on your project’s budget and general type and can therefore vary a lot. This means that for instance a private- or low-budget project would be usually charged way less than a commercial project for a major brand.

Same as with a TV commercial, which would be either broadcasted by just a single, local TV station of a specific city, or a TV ad which could be watched nationwide on a major TV station, or is even getting broadcasted internationally.

Of course the music type and general instrumentation expenses are important factors to count in too; means that a three minute long solo piano track may be composed and recorded in just one to two days, while a three minute full orchestra track could need several weeks to months, as this would be much more complex to accomplish (and therefore more costy).

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