PDF Scores / Synthesia

Downloadable Sheet Music (PDF):

Here you can buy original sheet music for Frederic’s most popular piano music originals, as well as full orchestral scores for works recorded within live-orchestral environments.

All sheet music can be purchased with an easy checkout via PayPal and comfortable instant delivery within seconds to your email-address. Simply click on the “Buy” button. All internal and external traffic is encrypted via SSL, to guarantee a 100% secure shopping process.

The music will be delivered in high resolution and is professionally engraved in standardized DIN A4 (Piano), resp. DIN A3 (Orchestra), – both perfectly printable on a common DINA4 letter, or viewable with every PDF reader for digital usage (e.g. on tablets).

Underwater Wonderscapes - Symphonic Version (Full Orchestra Score)

Rain (Piano Solo)

Ethernal Flow (Piano Solo)

Best Of 'Piano Stories', Sheet Music Book - Volume I (30 Pages)

Underwater Wonderscapes aka Swarm of Fish - PDF & Synthesia Midi (as on TikTok )

Peculiar World (PDF & Synthesia Midi - as in R. Mancuso's "Funny Doctor")

Requiem (Piano Solo - as on SuperMarioLogan)

Falling Snowflakes aka Waterdrops (Piano Solo)

Sorrow (Piano Solo)

Loneliness (Piano Solo)

Constant Motion (Piano Solo)

Enchantment (Piano Solo)

Arthur Christmas Re-score (Full Orchestra Score)

Inside the Snow Globe (Full Orchestra Score)

Kitchen Fiasco (Full Orchestra Score)

Spaghetti Con Brio (Full Orchestra Score)

H.E.R.O.S First Flight (Full Orchestra Score)

Mr. Alice's Adventure (Full Orchestra Score)

You can perform the piano scores anywhere you like, e.g. at home, private recitals etc. As for the orchestral scores please be aware, that those are mainly meant for study/perusal-, or personal purpose. Therefore unauthorized public performance or publishing by a third party is strictly prohibited. If you would like to perform any of these compositions with your orchestra, please contact Frederic for more information on pricing etc. Same as the conductor scores, the orchestral parts are already prepared, with clean, easy to sight-read instrumental parts. 

Click here to download a sample orchestral part. (first Violin in “Spaghetti Con Brio”)

Piano Video Tutorials:

…complementary to the sheet music – here are the very first Piano Video Tutorials, made with Synthesia: (please feel free to comment for suggestions etc. – more coming soon! )

Orchestration-, Composition-, and Music Production Tutorials (PDF):

Here Frederic will upload tutorials on different topics from time to time; just like orchestration, arranging, music theory, music business, sequencing etc.

Click here to download the first Tutorial FOR FREE: “”Orchestration Lesson I: “How To Legato?””

…more coming soon.