Sheet Music / Synthesia

Downloadable Sheet Music (PDF):

To instantly purchase/download sheet music and Synthesia tutorials for Frederic’s most popular tracks, we’ve launched a completely new store, proudly powered by PayHip – which you can access by clicking the screenshot below:

PayHip Music Store


All items can be purchased with an easy checkout via PayPal and comfortable instant delivery within seconds to your email-address.

The music will be delivered in high resolution and is professionally engraved in standardized DIN A4 (Piano), or DIN A3 (orchestral scores). The piano music is perfectly printable on a common DIN A4 letter, resp. viewable with any PDF reader for digital usage (e.g. on tablets), which also applies for the orchestral scores. We also sell a selection of studio albums and -singles, for a fair price.

On a side note: by purchasing via PayHip you support our mission the most, as the provision is very low, especially compared to other portals we sell at, e.g. 

Piano Video Tutorials:

…complementary to the sheet music – here are the very first Piano Video Tutorials, made with Synthesia: (please feel free to comment for suggestions etc. – more coming soon! )

Orchestration-, Composition-, and Music Production Tutorials (PDF):

Here Frederic will upload tutorials on different topics from time to time; just like orchestration, arranging, music theory, music business, sequencing etc.

Click here to download the first Tutorial FOR FREE: “”Orchestration Lesson I: “How To Legato?””

…more coming soon.