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Best Of 'Piano Stories', Sheet Music Book - Volume I (30 Pages)

Underwater Wonderscapes aka Swarm of Fish - PDF & Synthesia Midi (as on TikTok )

Enchantment (Piano Solo)

Requiem (Piano Solo - as on SuperMarioLogan)

Waterdrops (Piano Solo)

Sorrow (Piano Solo)

Loneliness (Piano Solo)

Constant Motion (Piano Solo)

Peculiar World (Piano Solo - as in R. Mancuso's "Funny Doctor")

Arthur Christmas Re-score (Full Orchestra Score)

A Murderous Romance (Full Score)

Kitchen Fiasco (Full Orchestra Score)

Spaghetti Con Brio (Full Orchestra Score)

H.E.R.O.S First Flight (Full Orchestra Score)

Mr. Alice's Adventure (Full Orchestra Score)