About Frederic


FREDERIC BERNARD is a 1988 born, classically trained music composer, arranger/orchestrator and pianist, based in Germany. The emphasis of his work lies in providing outstanding quality music for television, films, video games and web-based projects.

Credits of his work feature productions for major brands and broadcasters, including: Sony, Intel, LG, Canon, Doritos, Sixt, AXA, Time Inc., Discovery Channel, National Geographic, or NBC Sports. In Fall 2018 he gave his ‘Full Original Film Score’ debut; with an underscore to Thomas Crane’s “Halloween Party“. Other recent Projects of feature motion pictures and TV series include: “Press” (BBC, Mini Series)“Babysitter’s Nightmare” (Lifetime, TV Movie),“Your Move” (Starring Luke Goss, Direct-to-DVD), or “Wedding Bells” (Hallmark Channel, TV Movie). For further information, check out his IMDb article, which captures the majority of his past scoring-gigs and expertise in this field.

Movie Posters CollageApart from film, television and advertisements scores, Frederic is also a specialist for working and scoring in live-orchestral environments and has recorded with lush Orchestras in Eastern Europe for numerous occasions – most recently with the Moscow Bow Tie Orchestra, while gaining his first experience with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra in 2015. In 2016 he started his “Piano Stories” series, under the pseudonym “PianoPassion”. Within the same year, several of his piano music originals were featured in the multiple award-winning, best-selling, German audio-book “Im Garten Der Pusteblumen” (adapted from the French original “La Vallée des Moulins”). Further, his music is used in thousands of Youtube/Online projects, many of them gone viral. His collaboration with Rudy Mancuso reached over 30 Mil. views. Apart from that he collaborated as well with K-Pop Star Cho Kyuhyun – for his sold-out Japan “One Voice” Tour (2017). In 2018 he orchestrated and re-arranged Ignacio Constant’s musical debut single “Si Te Atreves a Soñar”, once again recorded with the marvelous Budapest Scoring Orchestra and following the style of Neo-classical Pop Opera, which received over a million of views on Facebook. In 2019 he co-produced and orchestrated the live-symphonic trailer music for the upcoming Indy Video Game “Gravastar” , and orchestrated/co-arranged “Maasim Tovim”, with vocals from Yiddish Popstar Benny Friedman. This also shows his versatility, in terms of scoring a bright variety of different styles: from Minimalistic Piano, to Horror, up to Disney-esque Sparkle – and (al-)most anything in between!

Major Brands Logos

He writes music for several A++ Libraries (most of them located in Los Angeles); such as “Music Junkies”, “Montage Mx”, “Score-A-Score”, and just recently joined one of the Industrie’s biggest players: “Megatrax“, by invitation of Grammy Nominee Derek Jones.

Before his professional ventures, he was classically trained at the piano from a young age on. In his juvenile years he became extremely interested in Film-, Videogame- and Classical Music, and began extensively studying scores and their magic behind. In the age of 22 he enrolled for a Bachelor‘s degree in classical music at the University of Music, Freiburg, where he studied under Prof. Eckehard Kiem (a former student of the Avantgarde composer Prof. Brian Ferneyhough), and many other music professors and luminals.  Further, he received praises and positive critiques for his original music works, arrangements and orchestrations – by such industry legends as Bruce Broughton, Andrew Kinney, and Brad Marrapodi (see testimonials below).

What others say:

“I am very impressed…your orchestrations are outstanding. You use the entire orchestra very well, with all of its coloristic possibilities!” – Andrew Kinney (Orchestrator for “Interstellar”, “Pixels”, “Sausage Party”, “Baymax”, “Rio”)

“…everyone [within our team] loved your cue and were blown away by the writing.” – Brad Marropodi (X-Ray-Dog, BMG)

“HALLOWEEN PARTY is accompanied by a surprisingly effective score…it gives the whole experience a real retro feel…recognisable horror-esque themes and styles, yet [he is able] to expertly keep the right level of tension in place where necessary.” –  (“Horror Asylum” Review on “Halloween Party” [Directed by Thomas Crane])

“…we were very impressed with the professional presentation from your reel ~ Bravo!” – Jeff Fayman (Immediate Music)

“…let me compliment you on your music – sounds fantastic! You’ve obviously got some great talent!” – Jeff MacDonald (Louder Production Music)

“[Im Garten der Pusteblumen is] A beautiful story, accompanied by wonderful music, that inspires to dream and deeply reflect. At the end, the CD fades into longer instrumental passages, splendidly leading all the way into dreamland.” – (“Kinderohren”/Daniela Dreuth” Review on “Im Garten der Pusteblumen” , German-to-English Translation)

“…[Spaghetti Con Brio is] an excellent, classicaly inspired composition.” – Gerhard Narholz (Sonoton, Writer for Memento”, German-to-English Translation)